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A walk in the vineyard

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Before we began the adventure of building our winery and brewery we were developing the vineyard on our property. Since we were both working in our original careers and raising 5 boys it was a very busy time for us. The vineyard became an escape. Working together every week, trimming, pruning, tying, leaf thinning or weed management, there was always something to do together in the vineyard.

It became an evening tradition to walk in the vineyard after dinner every evening, not to work, but to enjoy the peace that a tended vineyard can offer. Adam and I would walk hand in hand, most of the time in silence just breathing in the smells, feeling the gentle breeze and tranquil views. Sometimes the boys came along, running, laughing and playing. Always our dogs would join us. Nitro, our German Shepherd would sometimes run ahead with the occasional glance back to make sure we were following.

It was on one beautiful summer evening we were on our walk enjoying the sights, sounds and smells. Nitro was trotting ahead with a frisbee he had been playing with the boys. He stopped in front of us forcing us to stop and wait. He dropped his frisbee, turned around and proceeded to poop on it. We stood in amazement wondering why he would do such a thing. He turned around to pick up his frisbee and saw there was a load of poop on it. The look on his face was priceless, he actually has a look of accusation as he gazed at us in disgust. We cleaned off his beloved frisbee and continued our walk still laughing at the look on our silly dogs face.

we still laugh when we see our pup running around with a frisbee. Moral of the story: Our adventures may not always be graceful but even if you crap on your own frisbee you can still clean it off and move on.

Adam Mesiti & Aimee Mesiti

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