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Growing mushrooms at Five Sons Winery!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

It's an adventure! On beautiful days in Western New York Adam and Aimee Mesiti walk through the hardwoods with their dogs, Timber and Twig looking for wild edible mushrooms. Aimee Mesiti is the owner and operator of Five Sons Winery Inc. located in Brockport New York.

This is a passion of ours, walking with our beloved dogs in the hardwoods, searching for oyster mushrooms, hen of the woods, maitake or chicken of the woods. It is a gift enough to enjoy nature with our puppies sniffing through the brush and leaves, smelling the earth and fresh wood. It's an added bonus to find a log filled with beautiful oyster mushrooms and take some home to enjoy.

It's been many years of researching wild mushrooms to develop a keen eye for varieties. Wild mushrooms can be deadly, a mushroom should never be consumed without proper identification. This is why we ordered mycelium from a reputable company to start growing mushrooms at Five Sons Winery. This is an exciting addition to our new microgreens we have available year round, farm to table products grown at Five Sons Winery.

This Week we started our first batch of mushrooms at Five Sons. The varieties include Lions Main, Maitaki and Blue Oyster mushrooms. Mushrooms have a multitude of health benefits and at Five Sons Winery it is our goal to provide the finest and freshest farm to table ingredients. In the next few months these delicious mushroom varieties will be available on our menu, so stay tuned!

Lions Main Maitake Blue oyster

Twig cuddles after a long walk in the woods.

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